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How will you calculate the referral amount?

Published: Thursday, 15 October 2020

The amount of referral that will be credited to your account will depend upon the brokerage plan selected by your referral.

For e.g: If your referral selects a monthly plan of 999 and he starts trading in his account, then at month-end, 20% of 999 i.e Rs.199.80/- (Rs.399.8 in case of Pro Plan Rs.1999) will be credited in your trading account. If he opts for Rs.9/- per trade plan and generates a brokerage of Rs.2000/- in his account in the month, then 20% of 2000 i.e Rs.400/- will be credited in your trading account.

The credited amount will increase as per the below-mentioned slab :

Total Brokerage from referrals: You Earn
 0 – 10000 20%
10000 – 25000 30%
25000 – 50000 40%
Above 50000 50%


Note: Brokerage is calculated as per Calender Month basis only i.e from 01st of every month till 30th / 31st of that month. Referral amount will be credited in your trading account only at month-end, which can be verified by logging into your Online Back Office portal.

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