Operational changes affecting Corporate Action

  • Tuesday, 20 October 2020

As you are aware SEBI has introduced upfront margin collection in the cash segment. The new circular asks for a Minimum flat 20% of value of transaction that needs to be collected upfront irrespective of VAR+ELM of the stock. However the circular clarifies that in case of a sell transaction if the broker does EPI ( Early Pay-in ) no margin on the sell transaction will be levied by exchange. 

We have already made changes to our internal process and are continuously doing EPI on T day itself to reduce the margin obligation for our clients . This means that on the day you sell shares, we may move shares from your Demat to our Pool Account for the purpose of EPI.

On account of these changes if you wish to participate in any corporate action like Buy Back, Rights issue etc we request you to hold your shares in your account until the record date. In case shares are sold before or on record date and are presented to us for settlement, South Asian Stocks Ltd will not be held responsible for not being able to participate in such corporate action