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Why expiry traders should look at Fin-Nifty

  • Friday, 25 November 2022
Why expiry traders should look at Fin-Nifty

When the Bank Nifty Index already exists in the Stock Market then why FinNifty?

Well, to surprise investors' the National Stock Exchange (NSE) launched FINNIFTY or Nifty Financial Services index in January 2021

Advantage of FINNIFTY

The biggest benefit for Traders is that FinNifty offers another day of EXPIRY TRADING opportunity.

Expiry Traders can enjoy double opportunities as on Thursday Bank Nifty expiry and on Tuesday FinNifty expiry

As volumes have really picked up in FINIFTY so there is enough liquidity to trade and capitalize the opportunity. 

For more information watch this Video - What is FinNifty | NIFTY Financial Services ( FINNIFTY ) Index | Composition | Benefits | SAS Online

FinNifty Composition and Weightage

The Nifty Finance Index includes 20 stocks which includes banks, financial institutions, housing finance, insurance companies and other financial services companies. HDFC bank owns the greatest weightage. 

Here is the link to check updated composition list

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