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How to Place Basket Order ?

  • Published: Friday, 01 September 2023

Basket Order- Basket order permits clients to simultaneously submit multiple orders. These baskets can be stored on the ALPHA web for future use. To initiate a basket order, adhere to these guidelines:

Points to Remember -

  • You can create & save up to 5 baskets at a time and can add 20 scrips in a single basket.
  • You can use the same basket multiple times by using the RESET button.
  • Orders will be executed in the sequence in which they have been added to the Basket.

1.Login to >> Open Order Book >> Create Basket. 

2. Now please name your Basket 

3. Now search for the symbol which you want to add in the basket and click on it to add.

4. Select the action BUY/SELL and entre the price & qty details 

5. (A) Total 20 scrips you can add in a basket (B) You can check total margin required for the basket & margin after the Hedging benefit  (C) To place order click on Execute.