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Stock Plus-Get Margin Against Your Shares For Intra-day and Positional Trading

  • Published: Sunday, 18 October 2020

Stock Plus allows you to get exposure/ margin against your shares by pledging them as collateral. 

  • 50:50 cash(Liquid Cash or cash equivalent collateral) vs collateral ratio as per new circular on Segregation of collateral at the client level 
  • Brokerage Rs 9 per executed order or Rs.1999 Pro Plan
  • Great for Option sellers who can pledge their holdings and get collateral to trade for their positional trades 
  • Get collateral against 500+ Shares/Mutual funds/G-Sec/ETF/SGB.

Eg Say you wish to Buy 1 Lot BANK NIFTY in your Trading Account for which approx 1.5 Lac carry forward margin is required. Now if you have 75000 cash and shares worth 1 lac in your account, you can pledge them and get Rs 75000 collateral (assuming 25% haircut ) and initiate that trade. 

Points to Note

# Cash : Cash can be in the form of  liquid cash or cash equivalent collaterals.Cash equivalent collaterals that are accepted can be checked Here.

Collateral and Haircut: Collateral is calculated after deducting haircut from the value of the pledged stock. eg If the value of holding is Rs 1 lac and haircut percentage is 25% then collateral shall be Rs 75000. 

List of Instruments: Please check the list of 500+ Shares/Mutual funds/G-Sec/ETF/SGB along with the haircut percentage that is accepted as collateral from this Link.

Segments: Trading against collateral is allowed on the below segments 

Segment / Product NRML MIS BO/CO
Option Buy YES YES YES
Option Sell YES YES YES
Currency Future YES YES YES

Charges: Pledge and Unpledged Charge of  ( Rs.15 plus + GST Respectively ) per script is applicable.

Brokerage: Please note clients opting for Stock Plus would be charged Rs 9 per order or Rs.1999 Pro Plan + GST for all executed trades. If a client wants to shift to our monthly unlimited trading plan of Rs 999 + GST they can do so however Stock Plus service will be de-activated. 

Pledging and Un-pledging: Please click on this LINK to see how you may pledge your holding from the back office. 
You may sell your pledged holdings anytime using the CNC product type like you normally do in case of holding in your DP account. In this case, shares will be automatically un-pledged 
and marked for payin on T+1

# 50:50 Cash vs Collateral: If the margin is utilized and the 50:50 cash vs collateral ratio is not maintained then late payment charges @ 18% per annum would be applicable (Intraday as well as carry) on the shortage amount of cash calculated on day to day basis.

>> To subscribe please mail to from your registered mail ID.