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22 September 2021

How do penny stocks work? – What I Wish Everyone Knew About Penny Stocks

If you have been into trading you must have heard instances of people earning big bucks from penny stocks. You might yourself be tempted to invest in these. Before we give you any tips on how to make penny stocks work for you let’s just quickly go over what penny stocks are.

22 September 2021

What is Pre-Open market session?

The NSE and BSE introduced the pre – open session to reduce volatility and provide better price discovery in the markets.

14 September 2021

What is open interest?

It refers to the total number of outstanding derivative contracts that have not been settled.

04 September 2021

The Ultimate guide Of Corporate Action – Bonus / Split / Rights Issue

Investors frequently come across terms such as bonus, stock splits and right issues. All these are examples of what we call corporate actions. These are simply actions taken by a company once agreed upon by its board of directors andthen authorized by its shareholders.All such actions have announcement date, ex-date, and record date.

04 September 2021

Why POA is needed in Demat Account?

Whenever you go in for a trading account you will see that it requires opening of a Demat account with the broker and signing a limited purpose Power of Attorney (POA) in favor of the agent which would be the broker. Ever wondered why you need to sign a POA? Let us try to understand why a POA is required for a Demat account.

30 August 2021

How To Reduce Margin Requirement In Option Trading

Due to SEBI peak margin guidelines, Intraday leverage has considerably reduced thus increasing the margin requirement for trading. We can follow the mentioned steps to reduce our margin requirement in OPTION Selling

27 November 2020

Implementation of Peak Margin from Dec 1st and how it will impact the market participants ?

From December 1, 2020, the concept of peak margin reporting will be introduced. This will have a big impact on the intraday margin/limit that customers enjoy currently.

26 August 2020

New Margin Pledge Mechanism and How it Affects Your Trading With SAS Online.

The new margin pledge / unpledge mechanism from SEBI is aimed at safeguarding investors against the misuse of client's shares by brokers.

20 July 2020

Flat 20% upfront margin to be collected in Cash Segment from Sep 1st 2020.

As per SEBI circular Dated Nov 19,2019 brokers are now required to collect and report margins in the cash segment just like is currently applicable in derivatives segment

12 May 2020

Taxation Simplified for Traders

Taxation in leu of gains from trading or investing in shares is somewhat complex. SAS Online has made an attempt to simplify it for the taxpayers. Before you can figure out how much to shell off as the tax you must first decide whether you are a trader or an investor.

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